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The Florida Belles

Here at Amaparele we acknowledge and  understand the many different interests and specialites of every young black southern belle and have prepared for you a team of young ladies who have proven to be exeplary at eveything they do. From fashion and interior design, to non-profit community service organizations and much more! All throughout the site, you will see posts by them, articles, features, photos, and much much more! These driven and ambitious belles have given their all in and outside the classroom while remaining gracious, poised, and effortlessly beautiful..that's the Amaparele way! 

If you're a southern belle and would like to contribute to any of the areas and topics listed on the tabs and pages such as , fashion advice/consultations, social ettiquette/graces, sociological or business related pieces, writings about your spiritual walk, or anything else you can think of that relates to the website then join us by becoming apart of "The Belles" ambassadors team! Feel to contact me about more information and to answer any of your questions... Hope to hear from you 

- Khaleelah Leslie 

Amaparele founder/coordinator



My name is Tyrielle Jarmon. I am 17 years old and a senior at Palm Beach Gardens High School where I am currently in the Medical Academy Program. I am also dual enrolled at Palm Beach State College for the summer and fall semester of my senior year. Since the early age of three, I have used my gift of speaking to enhance the lives of youth and adults at various community events. I am a Mass Communications/ Public Relations Speaker which I believe has been defined as my true calling by God. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, writing and most of all preparing for my future. I am currently involved in the National Honor Society where I serve as the historian, HOSA, Women of Tomorrow, EmpowHer Girls Organization and the Recording Secretary for both Best Buddies of PBGHS and the Twenty Pearl Youth Group of the Zeta Tau Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. I hope to attend Florida State University where I will major in biology and minor in communications. One day in the future, I do plan to be a Medical Device Surgeon Sales Representative.


What do I do with fashion?

I believe that the definition of fashion is a statement an individual wants to make to represent their style of comfort and design. I think that it’s important to denote a flair of grace, eloquence and intelligence through fashion. My fashion sense ranges on a broad spectrum of different moods and the latest trends. I would classify myself to include a combination of 90’s customs with the latest models to define my common likes amongst fabric clothing. Often times, I step beyond my comfort zone with clothes and tend to try things that are different and unique, yet likeable to my senses and the way I want to be viewed by others. I feel that it is important for every young girl to establish their own exclusive style of fashion that represents them in a positive manner.


What does it mean to be a lady?

Ladies are one of the most prized possessions valuable to earth and to all mankind. To be a lady is to be respectful, educated and dignified in regards to the moral definition of secular standards. Ladies should be bold, confident and accepting in the person that God has allowed them to be. Through self-respect, love and admiration of one’s true beauty, a lady should carry herself with her shoulders lifted and her head held high. Ladies are strong individuals both physically and spiritually and should never lower their principles to conform to the negative disgrace of this society.  Psalms 139:14 “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” As a lady, always remember to be courageous, empowered and most of all, yourself!



  Eat, sleep, breath, fashion, simply put its just what I do. For me fashion is not only simply clothing but it,'s a way of life. I strongly believe that fashion is a way of expressing who you are as a person, professional and a lady. 
    Fashion ambassador & future fashion blogger, I like to think of my self as a full time fashionista. As a West Palm Beach Native turned Georgia Peach I currently attend  Georgia southern University as a Fashion merchandising & apparel Design student. I aspire to one day become a successful image consultant with a highly revered fashion blog, and I am more than ready to take the fashion world by storm. 
    My love for fashion stems from its ability to be interpreted in many different ways. There's no one definition for what it means to be fashionable. I hope that through fashion I may inspire women to openly express themselves no holds barred, with their own unique sense of style. 
  For me being a lady not only means being fashion forward, but putting ur best foot forward. Presenting yourself with poise, grace, and purpose in every situation and always making a good first impression.  




My name is Asha Greene and I am a Community engagement specialist and a mentor in professional development. I have been devoted to community outreach and health since 2010, she currently services the Tampa Baycommunity through the Renisha Foundation. Fresh out of High school, Asha Greene has worked at the University Community Hospital as a Nursing Assistant to ful)ll her passion in helping others, while attending college to pursue a higher level of education. I am majoring in Public Health at The University of South Florida, in hopes of becoming a Physician Assistant. I live  by a quote written by Maya Angelou, "My mission in life is not merely to survive but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style"

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