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Khaleelah I. L. Harris is the Gallery Curator and Manager of Mehari Sequar Gallery in Washington, D.C. and is a semi-professional mixed media collage artist.


She is also the creative director of Small Nation Exhibitions and

Small Nation Photographs & Visuals,

an Exhibition Incubator and arts brand that focuses on creating art and curating exhibitions for Black visual and material culture based in the late 19th/early 20th centuries.


She centers her involvement in the arts around curatorial work with visual arts exhibits that create a visual narrative for her academic research interests, specifically; African American Women's Cultural History, African-American Women's Religious Experience, The Black Elite/Colored 400, African-American Women and HBCU Formative Years; Southern Life; and Beauty & Fashion Culture. 

Her art and curatorial work can be found on:



 Instagram: Small Nation Photographs

Small Nation Exhibitions

Website: www.smallnationexhibits.com



Khaleelah Harris' CV