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Khaleelah I. L. Harris is in Arts Management and Curation in Washington, D.C. She is primarily stationed as the Lead Curator of Mehari Sequar Gallery, but partners with gallery spaces in DC to produce and curate fine art exhibitions for African Diasporic visual artists. As a lens based artist, Harris creates images using film camera, archival photographs, and digital rendering to produce mixed media collages. Her collages make arguments about the nature and character of black existence in the historical context of the late 19th and early 20th century, constructing a visual narrative for the spirituality articulated in African American Women's cultural history.   

As it relates to arts manager, Harris works closely with artists, collectors, and individuals in various industries to aid in the enrichment of their respective portfolios and cultural impact. 


Her curatorial vision focuses on themes of intimacy, interiority, gender, and mobilityWith a particular focus on contemporary social and political conundrums, she curates artwork that piece together the local, national, and international perspective of fine artists of the African Diaspora. As both a Public Historian and Art Curator, her exhibitions are didactic in nature and are often accompanied by curriculum that assists viewers in further investigating concepts/themes explored in the exhibitions. 





Khaleelah Harris' CV

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