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Healthy Minds and Spirits for Millennial Women and Men


Where Religious Experience & Spiritual Formation meet Psychological Discourse

'Constructing' is an online and traveling, millennial based mental health advocacy agency that seeks to inform and connect women (and men) af color to a model of mental health awareness that merges spiritual formation and psychology by utilizing a psycho-social and womanist hermenutical lens as it relates to Christian ministry. 'Her Health' serves as a platform through which Khaleelah can share her research and findings that investigates the intersection of black religious experience/spiritual formation and psychological discourse in a way that is incremental to how we understand personhood, identity formation, and human flourishing. 

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From her eloquence and enchanting phraseology to her radiant energy and welcoming presence, Khaleelah will be the perfect addition to any panel, Sunday Service, and speaking engagements of various kinds! Her accretive expertise ranges from trauma, moral injury, and crisis ministry, theological deconstruction and subsequent reconstruction in response to trauma, Ecclesial/Religious trauma, and the ministry of self-love.


Are you a Social Worker or lead a Social Work based agency and wish to incorporate elements such as religious and spiritual language, Christian based spiritual practices, and spiritual formation in your services in response to trauma, moral injury, and crisis? Look no further! Allow Khaleelah to guide you as you make the appropriate changes required to accommodate an interdisciplinary approach to your services and expand the ways in which they impact, uplift, and ultimately serve your audience.

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