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Welcome to my Poetry and Visual Arts Blog

Okay ya'll! So I finally decided to tap into my creative side. I just first want to thank W. E. B. Du Bois, Dorothy West, Jonathan Green, and the many visual artists that I will be featuring on 'Her Arts!' Basically, this blog will serve as the medium through which I will share my poetry (secular) and visual art pieces! I will also share gorgeous pieces I encounter on the 'Her Arts' page in the gallery that you see below the blog posts. I really have no background info to share other than the fact that I am taking the time now to hone in on my talents and using the arts as an act to prop up my internal force of being-- a psychological term coined by Dr. Danjuma Gibson to describe the way in which ... and attests to the reason why I want to present the various (stifled) versions of my self, through poetry and visual art!

It was this beautiful woman below that reminded me of the little girl who used to sketch, paint, be in awe of the limitlessness of a blank piece of paper, and love art dearly. It was this Black Southern Belle told me that I left that little girl behind. Thank you my Natchez Belle...

"Natchez Belle" by Jules Arthur

What Can You Expect To See?

Poetry, by me, that speaks of love, life, sisterhood, and the way I view myself. The poetry on this page will primarily be "secular," all of my religious and divine-erotica poetry will be placed in "Her Song of Songs" (haha get it), which is located on the home page. Art that I find will be posted in the collage gallery and art that I make myself will be posted as a blog post, like my poetry.

Artist: Cedric Smith


I will update my social media accounts when new posts are made so just be sure to always check it. I will keep a highlight on my page of all the posts and a link for them so it will be convenient.

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