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Youth Workshop Lecture, "The Art of The Black Quill"

03/09 | Smithsonian American Art Museum

Come join us at 12:00 pm on Saturday March 09, 2024 at the Smithsonian American Art Museum for a day filled with creativity and inspiration. This workshop is designed for all aspiring youth writers looking to hone their craft and learn from the best in the industry!


"The Beauty of Our Wellness Sessions: Session 1"

03/02 | Hirshhorn Museum 

Come join us at 12:00 pm on Saturday March 02, 2024 at the Hirshhorn Museum. Through The Beauty of Our Wellness: The Sessions, founders Khaleelah I. L. Harris and Yasmine Griffiths facilitate art gallery/museum based wellness exercise sessions and salon style discussions. With a passion for promoting healthy relationships between mind and body in the Black community, the organizers use the art exhibitions in the DMV to inspire a space for bodily and intellectual exploration. This session centers Simone Leigh's solo exhibition at The Hirshhorn Museum--RSVP now

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