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Starch makes the gentleman, etiquette makes

The Lady

An actor : ACTRESS AS A 

Gentleman: Lady 

As women we often tend to discuss what it means for a man to be a "gentleman" including all the things we expect, anticipate, and will not tolerate. As important as I think it is for women to want nothing short of the absolute best in everything, I do believe that what we expect for dinner does not always meet the same standards as what we bring to the table. 

As we expect a man to be chivalrous, know the do's and don’ts of courtship, and the art of dating what do we as women give in exchange? Setting the standard is as simple as setting the table, if you pay attention to detail and put things in their proper place you will end up with something beautiful. 

"You are who you attract" they say. This is true and untrue, but in order to avoid slipper slopes (allowing one thing and as a result giving permission to allow it to occur repeatedly) we want to then make sure that we are being "the lady to a man's gentleman" Do not let Love and Hip-hop or BallerAlert poison your perception of men, if it is extremely difficult for you to attract a gentleman you are either in an environment you need to leave asap or a mindset you must release yourself out of asap, because they exist. Re-shape the woman you are from the inside out and watch the laws of attraction work in your favor. Being a lady is a state of mind, a lifestyle, it is everything you are and everything you do. 

I know it may seem as though I am preaching an impersonal sermon but I am speaking from experience. As wonderful of a person I believed I was and as much of a lady I knew I was, I realized there were some factors that were contributing to the lack of acceptable gentleman callers seeking my companionship. Once I took that honest look in the mirror I was able to see the change I wanted to be! From my demeanor, to my walk, my wardrobe, to my social media posts, and most importantly to my mindset. I changed all those things and watched my life change as well. 

The direction in which our lives head is more in our control than we sometimes realize. Philippians 4:13 doesn't say "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" because it sounds cute, the Bible says it cause it’s true! If you are looking for a gentleman be the lady that gentlemen look for! Reciprocate the man you seek in creating the lady he deserves! His equal, the female version of him. Homogamy is the sociological concept of marriage between individuals who are, in some culturally important way, similar to each other. So remember that most people seek others who are similar to them in areas that matter most and just a heads up.... gentleman usually take pride in the way they carry themselves, so why wouldn't they take pride in the way their significant other carries herself?? A lady is born every day. 


Be the standard you seek, it's as easy as 1, 2, 3! 


Khaleelah Leslie  

Mrs. Marjorie Harvey 

This lady LOVES couture! Mrs. Marjorie Harvey is our absolute favorite lady this month. Besides being the wife of the sucessful entertainer Steve Harvey, she is a  mother of seven, a grandmother, and fashion blogger! She has a natural eye for beauty, glamour, elegance, and style. Her passion for people and luxurious living makes her the queen that she is! She supports her husband while always showcasing her passion for fashion as she appears on her husband's television show often. Mrs. Harvey absolutely slays with her outfits, hairstyles, and immaculate shoe game! Once you get a glimpse of her social media accounts you will instanly become addicted to her beautiful photos! Marjorie is a stunning 50, she is everything we hope to be at her age! Black surely does not and she surely does not cease to amaze! 

Mrs. Tamera Housley

Sister, Sister! Tamera Howsley, our favorite well known actress from the 90's sitcom "Sister, Sister", movie Seventeen Again, and latest hit was her reality show with sister Tia Mowry-Hadrict on Style network. Recently, Tamera has blessed us on daytime television as she is now the host of "The Real" talk show. As a mother of 2 Tamera exudes compassion and love in all that she does. With the arrival of her daughter Ariah just over a year ago, we have fallen more and more in love with this beauty. No matter what she does Tamera constantly reminds us what is truly important to her, her family. And although she is a child star, Tamera has managed to maintain a positive image in society while living a comfortable and happy life! Her positivity and beauty radiates any and every step she takes. A true woman of class and great spirit, we cannot help but envy baby Ariah as she grows up with such a wonderful woman to call mommy! Not to mention having some of the most beautifl "Mommy and Me" photogrpahs that also happen to get thousands of likes! 

Mrs. Meagan Franklin

Maegan Good, 34 year old life-long American who has appeared in countless telvision shows and films! She debuted in the acting world at age 4 and has been gracing the stage with her beauty ever since! The actress, in recent years has become an extremely active preacher's wife. Maegen became a devout Christian after her marriage to Executive and preacher DeVon Ftankilin and the couple has recently published a book in which they discuss and share their charmingly candid courtship, relationship, marriage, and the key to their success—waiting. What we admire the most about Maegan is her strength to change the direction of her life and most importanly finding love. With 100% of her husband's support Maegan shares her story with woman around the country! Appearing on Talk Shows, Morning Shows, raadio shows, and interviews she is taking the country by storm in her personal life, all for what she belives in.. and can we just admire how perfect she is in her husband's eyes and how much unconditional support and love he provides her??! Ugh!

Miss Zendaya Coleman

Zendaya Coleman is a 19 year old is an American actress, singer and dancer! Miss Zendaya is a professionally certified red carpet Slay Queen! With every pose she hits and step she takes, Zendaya manages to gracefully and humbly anihalate every red carpet she appears on. On top of this Zendaya is social media advocate and role model for young girls and teens across America and around the world! Miss Zen is all about female empowerment and uses her fame to set an example to all those who watch her! In an age where she could easily be a carefree and wreckless young star she carries herself with poise, grace, and untouchable confidence! She is a social butterfly to say the least and she has absolutely stolen our hearts 

Dr.Glenda Newell-Harris 

Dr. Newell-Harris serves as the national president of The Links, Incorporated and The Links Foundation, Incorporated and is the immediate past chair of the Board of Directors of Imani Community Church. She is a mother of four children and is married to Robert L. Harris, Esquire.Dr. Newell-Harris recently added author to her accomplishments having just released her first book entitled, "Focus On YOUR BEST HEALTH," which is a smart guide to practical solutions for medical problems faced by healthcare consumers. Dr. Newell-Harris' diversified experience practicing medicine in the public and private sector for the past 28 years has given her the inspiration and the vision to co-found her own healthcare consulting business, Newell-Harris & Spriggs Consulting. She believes that health literacy, self-empowerment and initiative are required to create a culture of wellness within your work and home environment. Socialnova and professional queen, Dr. Newell-Harris is a fierce and unstoppable example of "beauty and brains". 

Mrs. Lorraine Hall

Mrs. Lorrain Hall is a Palm Beach Socialnova who has taken the tiny island by storm! As many may understand, most elite WASP societies are not too receptive to the new and black wives of already farmiliar millionaires and so these women are usually ignored. Mrs. Hall has managed to use her poise, elegance, and beauty to become the social butterfly pf the small island that she is today! Although there is not much known about her personal life, Mrs. Hall can be spotted (in style) at Palm Beach social events and fundraisers in the most beautiful furs and the cutest shoulder length cut! You go Mrs. Lorrain! 

"An Amaparele woman is a multi-dimensional lady of society who understands the intricacy of etiquette in relation to our new age society" 

 Amaparele key alert : 

November/December :

The Perfect Hostess :

The art of hosting

"Understanding the importance of being the perfect hostess as you entertain guests in the efforts to leave a lasting presence"

Coming soon .. 

The Supernova Effect


As a belle we want to assure ourselves that we are reigning queens in the kingdom of social graces. Below is a checklist of the most important qualities of a true supernova and southern belle along with books/website offering you courses that can help you achieve The Amaparele Way !

Social Graces Etiquette

  • Dining etiquette

  • Introductions and first impressions

  • Confidence and strong communications skills

  • How to get the reaction you want

  • Social graces (Do’s and don’ts of society)

  • Tea, coffee and cocktail party etiquette

  • Entertaining etiquette 

  • Dressing for the social position you want*

  • Poise/posture deportment 

  • Social Media etiquette **

  • Master social networking

  • Gracefully walk/talk through any situation

  •  "The perfect hostess" 101

  • Dinner party etiquette

The Etiquette Institute

spotlight on etiquette trainers and programs

Carol M. Rey

GlitzyGalz,LLC is a Southern charm brand and movement that promotes “Pretty is as pretty does” through etiquette and fine dining classes with a growing line of apparel and accessories.

Glitzygalz has provided etiquette and dining classes within the Atlanta Area for the past 3 years. Primarily serving girls as young as 5 and women as old as 60, we have served over 300 eager participants collectively.

Our main focus at GlitzyGalz is to help individuals learn and understand the technicalities of proper etiquette and benefits of applying such skills to every aspect of their lives; our lessons are in an engaging and interactive format that encourages self- confidence. Our Etiquette Programming utilizes lessons that are developed by The American School of Protocol on Character Building and Dining Skills 

Carol Rey the Founder and Owner of GlitzyGalz, LLC is a native of Atlanta Georgia. She is a mother, business owner not only to GlitzyGalz, but also to several other small businesses.

Carol has 21 years of teaching experience as an educator in the public school system. She is a certified etiquette instructor recognized by the Society of Certified Etiquette Trainers Board and by The National Association of Urban Etiquette Professionals and Guest Speaker. She has a Bachelors and Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education and a Specialist Degree in Educational Leadership. Her involvements include memberships with the Atlanta Falcon Cheerleader and NFL Alumni, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc., National Council of Negro Women Atlanta Section, etiquette consultant and board member for   Miss Black US Ambassador Scholarship Pageant and co-founder of “Pretty & Poised” an Etiquette and Makeup Workshop for girls 12-21, Etiquette Consultant for the YMCA Teen Leadership Program. And many others. GlitzyGalz can be seen all over the Atlanta area conducting etiquette, dining classes, teas and as a guest host and presenter.

Carol wants to be the change agent to help promote “Pretty is as Pretty does”, by not only looking pretty but doing pretty things. Etiquette is not about you, but how you make others feel being around you! Please visit our website under the service tab to schedule your own or groups etiquette class or workshop.



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