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"Black Love" (Artist Unknown)

Welcome to my garden,

Where life-giving water rushes and flows,

replenishing and renewing you upon entry.

Feel the droplets in the air,

Feel it when you touch my leaves;

Feel it flow upon entry,

let the waters rush you,

if you dare

Welcome to my garden,

Where the flower buds open whenever you draw near.

The scent of your nature

Mixed with the perfume of my flowers,

Oh, how they open for you without fear

Welcome to my garden,

No clothes or no entry,

No barriers or no entry,

No transgressing or you cant see me

No sight and you wont feel me,

Oh how I long for your visit,

Oh how I long...

Welcome to my garden,

Where there are only 6 eyes,

Where I can see you from any side,

Where my flower buds are always open.

Please stay in my garden,

The waters flow — but only upon your entry.

The flower buds bloom,

but only with the scent of your handsome perfume

We can stay in here all night,

Or all morning,

or here we can remain out of sight.

Please stay in my garden.

Without you I’m still here,


I like the way my flower buds open when you draw near.

by Khaleelah I. L. Harris

7:55 pm | August 15, 2019

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