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Lamentations 3:23

Let’s talk about God all night, 

then make love as the sun rises

Morning by morning, 

new mercies I see. [Each time gets better]

Ekstasis with God,

ecstasy with you. 

I find difficulty in making a clear distinction between the two. 

As we share our own universe with one another, 

Out there we all are. 

Me, you, and God,

a holy trinity

Out of body, in a space so exclusive

 its intimacy in its purest form. 

I am so aroused,

I have lost consciousness of my breathing. 

I am still and reserved on the outside. 

Craving a deeper level of intimacy,

my soul disconnects from its shell. 

But I left the door unlocked

so that as my soul runs inwards towards the deepest parts of my being,

your soul can meet me inside. 

Ekstasis with God leads to ecstasy with you, 

And ecstasy with you leads to ekstasis with God. 

People insist on juxtapositioning that which in essence is parallel

The irony however, that parallel lines don’t meet. 

I’ll conceptualize it as cyclical, then. 

An unending connection. 

Honestly, I refuse to make distinctions between the two. 

So lets talk about God all night, or even just for a little while in mid-afternoon.

[in God the opportunity is constant]

So regardless of the hour, we can make love as the sun rises.

By Khaleelah I. L. Harris

Created: January 25, 2019 | 2:48 am

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