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The Apple Tree

"Mother Nature in Love," by Amir Tehrani

One day you’ll know me fully.

On that same day,

when you’re ready,

it will be the day we get to eat under the apple tree.

One day you wont have anymore questions about me,

for then you shall know me fully.

Only on the day you bite into the apple shall you see,

and discover the difference between the war and harmony.

One day I’ll see you naked and there will be no shame, despair, or fear

for our discernment will be blessed by God.

We won’t even know we’re naked, my dear.

One day you’ll be familiar with every inch of me,

getting in wherever you can fit in,

becoming familiar with all the best parts of my anatomy.

On that day you’ll learn the difference between good and evil.

Until then the apple tree is forbidden to us,

for that kind of favor is a luxury.

One day its will no longer be “forbidden fruit,”

when we’re *underneath* the apple tree.

It is then and only then that we shall taste the sweet taste of favor.

The sweet taste of our Source's blessing.

The sweet taste of all of our labor.

The taste of finally conquering that one thing...

I hope you can wait.

For that is the true indication of discernment,

indication of knowledge beyond (before) the apple tree.

by Khaleelah I. L. Harris

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